Tea merchants of distinction


It started when we noticed how difficult it was to get hold of La Caravane tea when you are not literally in a dusty Moroccan souk.

We really like La Caravane. It's a gunpowder tea, in our opinion the best - yes Fortnum's do one too, but it lacks the earthiness, the smoke, the clarity. When our small supply ran out, therefore, we spurned Fortnums and looked into importing some La Caravane for ourselves. 

Due to a miscommunication we ended up with 50kg of the stuff in our sitting room, more than we could drink on our own. Lovell & Prior was born, and it has since become our aim to bring the benefits of the world’s tea cultures to everyone.



A slightly random and ever-expanding collection of notes on tea - what to drink, how to drink it, but also tea as it appears in history and literature, and basically anything else that feels relevant to us. 

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Here's where we sell the La Caravane gunpowder tea - seriously, it's good stuff. We sell a couple of books, too, and tea filters that make loose leaf tea as easy as tea bags. We'll be adding more soon.

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